• 5 Ideas to Plan Superb Hen Do for Bride to Be

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    Are you planning for hen party do for a bride to be?  Yes!!  A hen party is all about making the bride feel special as possible as it can be. If the bride is happy then everyone will also be happy.  As the bride is going to start her new life, she actually needs the blessing of everyone.

    In this post, we’ve come up with 5 Nice Ideas to Plan superb hen Do for a bride to Be. These are guaranteed to make her feel very special.

    Theme Party

    A party with a particular theme will definitely do a lot rather than a simple party. Select a very good and interesting theme of bride choice that she will love.

    You can choose crystal Bride pin back brooches. This is the way to differentiate the bride with her friends, sisters or cousins. At Varsany, we have an exclusive collection of these brooches. You can get all kind of brooches collection for the bride’s mother and other relatives. This has been a huge hit for the hen parties. This gives just a different look when the bride is wearing.

    Treasure and Scavenger Hunts

    This is a very fun activity that your bride and bride’s friends will enjoy the most. In Scavenger hunts a team is made, some clues and maps are given. The team has to perform that all tasks. This is additionally an extraordinary thought for a young lady night out in the town, basically makes a rundown of things to discover at midnight, for example, photos with strangers, shot glasses etc. Whoever will have the most interesting and unique collection (as decided by the bride) at the end of the night wins a prize!


    When you select a specific theme, you should also go for the hen party gift accessories as well as decorations according to the theme. The decorations always give quite a different look at the hen party.

    For example, go for accessories like bridal tote bags. Even you can Match the tote bag with our slippers & Ivory Bride Bathrobe and look stunning.

    Dance Party

    Party is boring without the rock music. It’s a very great idea to make your bride feel special. Let her enjoy her last day fully by dancing. There is a number of different dance styles to choose. Choose any one of the styles that your bride will love.

    Send Guests Back Home With More Than Just Their Memories

    The hen’s party is the bride’s chance to celebrate with her very nearest and dearest ones. So Click as many photos as you can.

    Even this is also a very lovely idea to snap one photo with everyone or in the group store and have copies printed on the spot to share with people as they leave. Even you can give lovely return gifts that are useful with wonderful packing so that they always remember when they are using.

    Final Words

    Hen Party is the best option to say Goodbye to your friends. If you want to make the night more special than just follow the above ideas stated in this post!

    Looking to buy buy hen night accessories you must definitely rely on Varsany. We offer gifts at reasonable prices. Contact us today for more insights!



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